I've had some messages from my international fans - how awesome is the Internet! I know people in Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Russia, and more, are reading and enjoying my books. It's mind boggling...

There's been some questions on when Book 2 of Solomon will be out, and...it's hard to say. I've had some health issues the past few months that have ground everything to a halt, not just my writing. Until it all settles down, I have to go slower than I want, but I finally feel good enough to be able to give my best when I write. The one thing I won't ever do is half-assed writing. If I can't give it my best, I won't do it until I'm able. I'm slowly picking up all the pieces, still juggling teaching and my children and writing...

Yes, there will definitely be a Book 2. There is one more Novella currently under construction before I begin Book 2 in earnest. As I wrote "Hacker," then "Defender" to flesh out the awesome characters that surround Solomon and Jamie, plot lines explaining how it all fits together began working their way into the Novellas - especially Judah's and Jethro & Sarah's story (hint hint). I meant for the Novellas to be a character study for fun, but as I delved into them, I began to realize that the characters' choices in the past and present have resounding effects on Solomon and Jamie's future. I'm having to completely back away from the "don't worry about reading the Novellas, they're just fun"... the plot lines inside the Novellas are essential to Book 2. However, I will do my best to include brief descriptions of the necessary plot lines inside Book 2.

But, I really need to finish this Novella before I begin Book 2. I'm planning on taking my notes and ideas gathered during the Novellas and jumping in as soon as Alan's story is done. I plan on having "Traitor" done in a few weeks, and I'll immediately start Book 2.

The currently-in-progress Novella - "Traitor" - is about Alan Stevens, Solomon's third Lieutenant. The how's and why's of his choices are integral to Book 2, as they started Solomon's whole security mess (and then some) in the first place. (Don't worry, I've been keeping track of notes and ideas to be written in Book 2 as I write the Novellas. It'll all make sense. Honest.)

I'm still debating doing Novellas for Kevin and Mo, but at the moment I don't see the need for their back stories in my plot for Book 2, but as I've found in writing, never say never because the characters might not agree.

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